Meet the Partners

Company team

Gordon Li, Business development

15 years in Research & Development, Manufacturing & Supply-chain

Company team

Nicolas Grill, Customer delivery 

7 years in Service Retail, Marketing/CRM, Customer experience & loyalty

Company team

Baptiste Machat, Customer delivery

9 years in supply-chain and analytics for aeronautics, trading and B2B services

Company team

Dominique Kon-Sun-Tack, Technical lead

18 years experience in Service, Trading, Manufacturing industries. 10+ years in Odoo (Certified)

Our entrepreneurship journey

IRIS Partners Private Limited  is a boutique consultancy company founded in February 2017 by   Nicolas GRILL  and   Baptiste MACHAT.

How it started
After practising project management and business analysis for top-players in their respective field, Nicolas and Baptiste decided to set up a business convinced that they could bring their expertise and the experience to middle and small companies in Asia.

The strength of IRIS partners lies in its integrated model that allows customers to be served throughout the chain of a digital project. The company offers a fully integrated service depending on their customers’ needs or concerns. The offer covers ERP/CRM solutions, data management and Business Intelligence services. 

IRIS Partners is based in Singapore and is working with local teams to keep being close to the regional market’s purpose.  

How they scaled to provide the best for SMEs
Early 2019, to strengthen their offer and support the company growth, they decided to partner together with a Singaporean company, Alitec, who is ODOO Gold partner. Thanks to this partnership, IRIS PARTNERS can deliver an end to end approach to deploy ERP and CRM solutions for SMEs. 

IRIS Partners with Alitec continue to grow and to expand its market field through their partnerships and through the noteworthy experiences they got by accompanying the companies who trust them.

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   Frasers Tower, 17th Floor, 182 Cecil Street, Singapore