Our mission is to boost SMEs productivity using digital.

We are business professionals and digital experts who believe in proximity and commitment to deliver high-quality solutions adapted to your business.


Our end-to-end approach allows us to identify the area of improvement, design adapted solutions and implement what is useful for your team and organisation.

Seamless Marketing & Sales

Seamless Marketing & Sales

  • Keep track of all interactions with your lead, prospects and customers in CRM Sales funnel

  • Easily send quotations and invoices to your clients and handle recurring sales & subscriptions

  • Segment your contacts and deliver personalised adapted content 

  • Send automated surveys to measure customer satisfaction

Lean Operations & Logistics

Lean Operations

  • Get the right visibility on your operations to make smarter decisions with automated reporting

  • Inventory: track product moves from purchase to warehouse and customer delivery

  •  Procurement: Automate Purchase orders based on minimum stock or sales orders

  • Manufacturing: get MRP, Quality and Maintenance integration

Efficient Administration

Efficient administration

  • Integrate accounting with customer invoices, vendor bills and inventory

  • Easily create your reports such as earnings report, balance sheet or cash flow statements

  • Avoid double entry of information synchronising operations between different systems


Looking forward to a valuable collaboration?

In a multicultural environment, we believe in physical relationship to ease the understanding; this is why all our consultants are locally based.

We commit to our delivery to lower your risk, and our flexible approach allows us to deliver high-quality solutions, adapted to your business.

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Odoo - Sample 1 for three columns


We come and assess your processes, information systems and organisation to identify room for productivity improvement in your company.

Also, we can lead your initiatives thanks to our strong experience in digital project management.

Odoo - Sample 1 for three columns


We provide an all in one approach to support your digital business transformation (Business analysis, Solution customisation, Delivery, Change management, Training).

We implement different technologies like Odoo, an ERP and CRM solution, Power BI, a data analytics and visualisation solution and Cross-Cut, an iPass technology to ease the data exchange between application.

Thanks to these technologies, we want to help SMEs to scale and structure their activities.

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We provide support and services to guaranty the sustainability of the solutions we implement for you.

For companies that use Odoo or Microsoft Power BI, we offer prompt support to help them take the best of their tools. We can, for example, migrate an old Odoo version to the most recent one.

the Technologies we use

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IRIS Partners is committed to serving its clients by helping them implementing high-performance solutions which suit the best to their business, leading IT initiatives or change management, guiding them towards successful project's roll-out. 

We would be happy to figure out your business problematics and discuss your projects! Please drop up us an email for a free consulting session or a specific need.

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